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Ceanothus Concha - Concern about growing conditions


I have recently moved into a new house in East Yorkshire and have planted two Ceanothus Concha bushes. Before planting I looked to improve the drainage with a pea shingle layer onto the clay bed, before backfilling with a mix of top soil and compost  (this I did at another property I previously owned and I had a healthy plant).

My concern is that the leaves are yellowing and the plants don't look healthy, any idea's on how to improve my plants wellbeing would be gratefully received! 


  • WintersongWintersong Posts: 2,436

    A nursery man once told me that Ceanothus can die when newly planted, even from a pot and I had it happen to my newly bought Treewithin, fifteen years ago. Fortunately, I took cuttings that did take when planted and matured without trouble thereafter.

    I'm not sure this is any solution to your problem and I'm not suggesting that your plants will die as mine did, but its not uncommon.

    Perhaps the clay soil is waterlogged? Perhaps the high winds are stressing the plant? I'm not sure what I would do except wait and see, I've famously decided plants were dead before now only to have them spring to life in the new season. 

  • Jean GenieJean Genie Posts: 1,724

    Hi Neil I have ceanthus concha in a pot which I bought 2 months ago and had the same problem - yellowing leaves Asked the guy in garden centre who I know quite well and he says its quite normal when they have been transplanted .How long is it since you planted them ? Mines made a fully recovery now . Is it in quite a warm spot ? I was concerned about mine at first as its a standard and it wasn't cheap You' ve now prompted me to have a check.

    Yes, all is well . If they are newly planted I would wait and see .

  • Thank you for the replies so far, given me idea's to try, much appreciated!  

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