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Old Fashioned / Cottage Garden

I'm trying to create a cottage garden by adding Hollyhocks. I'm particularly interested in the old fashioned types, but I'm not sure which ones to include. Any suggestions welcome.


  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,167

    Either buy plants or get seeds of single, NOT double blooming plants, avoid the black one as I think that is quite a recent type. I have been growing from seed for the first time this year, using Antwerp Mixed plus some other mixes. The plants are now about 10cm tall and will flower next year. I have no idea what colours they will be.

    I suggest that you also get Delphiniums for the height, Lupins if you have the space; they have a short flowering period and I don't have room for them. image

  • PAULA1970PAULA1970 Posts: 34

    Thanks for your information.


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