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Building a Compost Heap

I've been aquiring some wooden pallets so that I can follow this guide on building a compost bin. I was wondering, has anyone else here done anything similar and what are your thoughts on lining it to make it hotter? I tend to hoarde all of the empty plastic sacks that I've emptied of compost that I've bought. These are generally fairly heavy duty and are black on the inside, so I thought they'd be pretty good for keeping as much heat in as possible.


  •  I have 3 plastic bins but they're rigid and quite thick, and my compost is pretty good. However, while in theory your idea sounds good I would think if you have anything twiggy, or strong stems it's likely to break through the plastic. It would also be quite difficult to turn it with a fork as you're likely to rip the plastic. I don't think generally that the wooden types shown on your link require lining. The heat generally builds up through decomposition. I would think it's better to cover the top - plastic or old carpet to stop it getting too wet and help keep it warm

  • pashpash Posts: 109

    Hi, I built a compost bin with pallets and ended up lining it with black weed suppressing membrane, does it make it hotter, dont know, but it allows air in, water out, stick it with a fork and the holes close (a little), nothing falls out, and never need to do much cleaning up after turning, covered with a carpet, great compost, happy days

  • Plot16Plot16 Posts: 1

    try putting flattened cardboard boxes in between the two sides of the pallets.  insulates the heap and keeps stuff from falling out.  no problems with making a hole with a fork and worms like it too.  ask local shops - they'll throw out load for the bin men after stocking the shelves so you can just pick them up.

  • Thanks for the replies. Being the cheapskate that I am I'll try the cardboard first!
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