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sheep wool

Sheep wool pellets seem to be a good deterrent for slugs but has anyone tried collecting sheep wool from from fields and hedges and using that? I'm trying it from today but wondered if the wool will attract mice for their nests.


  • KoalagirlKoalagirl Posts: 225

    The sheep wool pellets don't work.  I put them down and then a couple of hours later watched a snail crawling right over them.

  • DabblerDabbler Posts: 7

    I use the old method of crushed egg shells - apparently anything that makes rough going for them deters them a little bit, I keep finding just one bite taken out of a raddish - it would seem they don't like them much!

  • Sheila 5Sheila 5 Posts: 51
    Thank you Koalagirl and Dabbler. I'm not convinced anything works 100% but both your observations are helpful. Thanks.
  • BenDoverBenDover Posts: 480
    I use a combo of egg shells and slug pellets (the ones made out of ferrous phosphate which I have read are less toxic) mixed together. If they are daft enough to get themselves stuck in the middle of a layer of eggs shells, then they then have to contend with the pellets. Works for me and my hostas.

    How do people crush their eggs shells? I save my egg shells up for two weeks, and then push them in to a food processor and give them a whiz up for 30 seconds. Makes a good job at crushing them into slug annouing pieces.
  • Sheila 5Sheila 5 Posts: 51
    Thanks Tim, that's helpful - especially your novel way of crushing the egg.shells
  • FloBearFloBear Posts: 2,281

    Sheila, I don't want to be alarmist but my friend decided to try collecting sheeps' wool from fences, got bitten by a tick and ended up in hospital with Lyme disease so please use all possible anti-tick measures.

    PS I don't know if the sheeps' wool worked, I was too busy sympathising about the illness. 

  • Sheila 5Sheila 5 Posts: 51
    Hi FloBear

    That's a very valid point. Actually, because we go to a high risk area in Europe, we keep up to date with the vaccination for Tick Bourn Encphalities however it only prevent the meningitis infection. We do take care to watch out for flu like symptoms if we get a tick. But a timely warning, thank you. Hope your friend makes a fall recovery.
  • As a sheep owner I doubt if sheep's wool would work as a deterent for slugs and snails but it is a great mulch, takes ages to rot down and carries it's own fertiliser if you use daggings( the dirty wool trimmed from a sheeps rear end) Also good for lining hanging bakets but birds do like to steal it for their nests

  • Sheila 5Sheila 5 Posts: 51
    Hi PotterAngie,

    That's a really good idea I already put some very dry sheep pooh in at about 30cm when planting runner beans, retains water and of course fertilizes.
  • david 156david 156 Posts: 1
    I have sheep and want an organic solution too  slugs, does anyone know how to make the pellets on a small economic scale?
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