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Sorry if this thread repeats itself.  Typed it already and then lost it.  My fault not the site.

Last year I sowed a packet of seeds labelled as 'Fast flowers' - supposedly would grow and flower in 6-weeks.  Sowed them in a few small pots, stood them in a row and a mixture of cornflowers and tall white flowers came up which look similar to white alyssum.  Left the pots outside and the last few weeks the tall white alyssum looking flowers have come up again and these yellow flowers.  They are perfumed and about 15"/35cm high.  Will have to stake them as blowing a gale now but - are they a garden flower, a wildflower or a weed?  They sort of resemble wallflower and the perfume is lovely.  The stems are soft at this point and mis-shapen because I didn't notice them until the yellow flowers appeared.  Can anyone tell me what they are?  Many thanks.






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    It could just be a yellow perennial wallflower? If it is, it'll only last about 3 years, but cuttings are easy.

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    yes it is either an erysimum  ever flowering wallflower. or as it is orange and scented more likely siberian wallfower.. they are gorgeous and very scented..  and half hardy.. keep protected ove rwinter and it will survive.. you can get seeds from that but all otehr erysimum are sterile so have to be done via cuttings.

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    Alina and gardening fanatic:  thanks very much for that.  Yes 'fanatic' - I googled Siberian wallflower so sure you are right.  As you say - it is gorgeous and I'm amazed at the scent.  My old 'Bowles Mauve' has no scent at all.  I'll need to take this Siberian from it's tiny pot and plant it more considerately.  Would be fantastic to get seeds from it.  Really grateful for the identification and glad I asked the question as I thought it would be just a little annual from last year's seed packet and might have just thrown it out.  image

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