Apricot tree - Precoche de saumur - growing advice


I bought an apricot tree, it was the only one available at the nursury and was imported from france. It doesn't say what variety it is in English but it does have a very basic international label which says it's self fertile, fast grower and that it grows 4-5m tall and 4-5m wide.

I read that apricot trees need to be grown as shrubs/bushes because they require intensive training/pruning to grow well - so it's best if the branches are low so you can tend to the tree better.

The tree has a straight trunk all the way to 1.4m - so I'm going to spread the branches from 1.4m (which is handy because it leaves a bit more room for people to walk around at this height, if it was branched off from the ground it will take too much room in the garden.

I have placed branch spreaders in so the brances are at 45 degrees (the trees branc structure is tall and slim.

So first question: How long does it take for the tree to train to the branch spreaders? and fix into position from there?

Secondly, the branches on the tree are lopsided, obviously for the tree to to be healthy it needs to be balanced. What shall I do with the branches? Shall I cut the heavy side down now, or should I wait until spring to do so?

I want to keep the long branches now and prune them off season because the branches have leaves which is required for photosynthesis for the tree to grow. So if it cut the branches now it may inhibit the tree growth.

Picture below; I know that it's not very visible so I've attached a second image that has the branches drawn over.














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