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Wilting Wisteria


This is my first time on this site and am unsure of how to acess the "problem" solving issues,  I bought a Black Dragon Wisteria, in a pot, which I kept indoors until all the frosts abated.  It grew vigorously but when I put the pot outside one sunny day and frost free night, the leaves shrivelled, died and dropped.  I bought it in and again it grew, I repeated the process and the leaves dropped off again!.. It has now been outside for a couple of months and I have buds on sticks, no leaves at all.  I don't think it's dead. It's in well fed, well drained compost.  I've tried accessing the other posts regarding Wisteria and see that for the last couple of yrs people have been posting the same problem but I can't find out how to acess the answers.  Any advice please?

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