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ID for yellow bush rose, please

soulboysoulboy Posts: 429

This yellow-flowered bush rose was bought from a pound shop last year and in it's first year in the ground, even though it was very small, it produced a couple of flowers. Now in its second year it's grown substantially and is producing quite a few flowers, as well as a lot of new stems. It would be more but for me damaging a couple of buds while removing greenfly.

I know it's difficult to identify a plant when there are a lot of species and cultivars but I know also that there are a few rose enthusiasts/experts on the forum. So if anyone has any clue as to what cultivar this is I'd really appreciate it.

The flower appears with a deep yellow that gradually fades to a creamy white/yellow and then almost white before dropping its petals. it is a large flower that is unable to support itself when it reaches its full size and so has a drooping aspect.

I've included a lot of pic's showing the different stages of flower development as well as the leaves. The thorns on the stems are very small (though very sharp).



  • madpenguinmadpenguin Posts: 2,536

    Can't help with the ID but what a beautiful rose.

    The pound shops can be very good sometimes for plants!

    I googled Korresia and it looks like a good candidate for your rose.

    Is your rose fragrant?

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  • soulboysoulboy Posts: 429

    Thanks to everyone that replied. Now I've checked I agree it has to be korresia. I haven't checked the fragrance because my sense of smell is intermittently poor due to allergic rhinitis (and years of smoking).

    It is a beauty isn't it? I got lucky with this one. It has some rose rust on some of the leaves that I need to deal with, I've just been removing them until now.

    Edd, the photo's were taken on a Galaxy Ace mobile camera. I recently downgraded my handset and the camera on this is the best I've had, better than some supposedly superior smartphone cameras. I sometimes have to take a bit of blue out of the photo's and when the sun is directly on some objects the camera isn't able to cope and the image of the object is white in places. But these rose pictures are unaltered,

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