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Agastache Black Adder

I bought three of these last September and they carried on flowering for weeks.  I was looking forward to enjoying them again this year, but by the first week of June they were not showing any signs of life, so I dug them up and replaced them with purple salvias (not nearly as exciting).  I would like some more ABA's for their form, colour and bee friendliness, but I don't want to risk losing them again.  Any advice would be welcome!



  • chickychicky Posts: 10,405

    They were hardy for me this winter, but I know they can sometimes be a bit iffy.  They are dead easy to strike from cuttings (they are one of the few plants i have success withimage) and these can be overwintered in a cool GH.  Or maybe keep them in pots plunged in the border so you can bring them in?  They are beautiful plants, so worth the effort I thinkimage

  • Thanks chicky!  When is the best time to take cuttings?

  • chickychicky Posts: 10,405

    I'd do it about now, but think you can leave it til end of august.

  • I grow these and they always come through winter. The problem is their young tiny shoots as super tasty to the slugs! I keep mine in pots until they are nice and big and slug proof. image

  • Hadn't thought of slug damage MM.  Perhaps mine didn't die - just got eaten!  What time of the year do the shoots normally begin to appear?  Do you have them in pots all year round, or do you plant them out for the summer months and then repot them in autumn and overwinter them in a cool greenhouse?

  • Hi Cottontail.

    I live in the south west, so I think I may have it easier here. I pot mine up for winter and then put them back in the ground in summer (when they are big and slug proof)  Not sure when their growth started showing through, I just left them in their pots to get on with it. But as Verdun says, they are very slow, I wouldn't put them inside a greenhouse, but it doesn't get that cold here.

    I have never lost one to winter, but have lost quite a few to the rasping tongues of a slug or snails. image


  • Now I'm confused image  Verdun says they are likely to die if potted up for the winter, and Meerkat says the opposite.  But it could depend on where you live.  I'm in North Yorkshire and the Agastaches were in clay soil which remained wet and shaded for a large part of the winter. 

  • Btw Verdun, am very impressed with the number of different varieties you grow!  Any pics of your favourites?

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