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blanketweed in my wildlife pond

I made a wildlife pond last year which has newts, frogs & other pond creatures in it but also alot of blanketweed. It is 20ft by 12ft and has 3 waterlilies, irises,oxygenaters and various shallow marginals. I pull out the blanketweed at intervals but baby newts etc get tangled in it so it's really difficult.Any ideas please ? 


  • LeadFarmerLeadFarmer Posts: 1,248

    Does it need more of the surface to be shaded?

  • You do need more surface shade, which is difficult on a pond that size.  However it's still quite a new pond and they do take a while to settle down.  Keep dragging the blanket weed out and leave it on the side of the pond for a few days to make sure that all the living things can get back into the water, then compost it.  I think you may always have some blanket weed but hopefully as the habitat achieves a natural balance it will lessen.

  • marshmellomarshmello Posts: 683

    What causes blanketweed - a pond which is high in nitrates and phosphates plus sun.

    How to prevent blanketweed - expel nitrates, reduce phosphates and sun.

    Another possibility is something which is high in nutrients must be leaching into the water.

    Pulling it out is the worse thing you can do, unless it is seriously severe, because this releases more spores back into the water, further adding to the problem.

    What kind of compost did you use to plant up ? Hopefully it wasn't garden. If it was that's probably the source of this problem.

  • PondmanPondman Posts: 9

    Always use a low nutrient soil, it can be from the garden, but some that has had a big plant growing in it which has soaked up all the nutrients. More water lilies ! ponds should be at least 50% covered or in shade... keep doing what your doing and I'm sure it will go away especially as we haven't seen the sun in days algae should be down.

  • dovetaildovetail Posts: 4

    Thanks for all the info folks. The waterlilies are growing well and you are right, Pondman, the algae is manageable with all the rainfall and lack of sun! It's easier to remove now also as the baby newts are bigger and not many tadies are left. I will persevere with growing shade both in the pond and near it.

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