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Will my ASPARAGUS recover

My asparagus is into it's second 'summer' and three of the four crowns have put forth a frond each whilst the fourth has two fronds.  Unfortunatly one lone frond has been blown down and broken off from the crown.  Is there any chance that it will recover?  Will it grow a new frond this year or next?  Should I just plant a new crown in the autumn?  Thanks


  • buttercup4buttercup4 Posts: 23

    Hello ZenZinnia My asparagus has also blown over and boken off. (I planted them last year). I am hoping they will be OK but I don't know.

  • backyardeebackyardee Posts: 132

    I had 2 x 20' rows of asparagus in their fifth year, grown from seed. I was looking forward to harvesting them last year, but the spears were extremely spindly and turned to fern at 6". this year no sign of any of the crowns. I have bought more seed and will endevour to grow some more, but I will plant them out in a different location as the bed was rather wet over the late spring............... well, flooded much of the time and I expect the existing crowns have rotted.

  • Be patient. I had put in 12 crowns and they are now into their 4th year. About 4 havent produced anything this year so will be replanting. The others have produced so many i was getting sick of it.I will top dress the whole bed this autumn.Roll on next year when it starts all over again

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