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Dwarf Delphiniums

Hi can anyone help me on how to grow Delphiniums from seed I have tried to grow dwarf variety out of 60 seeds I managed to get 8 to germinate  and grow on I have read on the net that they will grow in any compost and some say to cover seeds and some say not to this was my first season and I managed to grow Lupins red hot pokers but my wife has seen delphinium summer night's and would like them for the front garden border for next year I am not 2 confident about starting them from seed due to my poor first attempt i grew the last ones in an unheated green house and in Westland peat based compost i sowed them at the correct time but did not have much success should i get a heated propagator and start them off in that in Febuary ????


  • chickychicky Posts: 10,402

    Wills - i grow delphiniums from seed - start off in a windowsill propagator in Feb, pot on to pots in unheated GH in April, and then keep them growing in pots for the whole of their first year (mostly so i can keep an eye on them), and plant out in following spring.  Here is one of my babies in its third year ....


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  • Fishy65Fishy65 Posts: 2,275
    I'm glad you posted this Wills,I've collected a lot of seed from my delphiniums this year and will attempt to grow from seed early next year. Never tried from my own plants before but did have some success with larkspur which germinated when left outside in the elements in Feb/March.
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