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Wheelbarrow handle grips.

can you wrap some plastic tape (like insulation tape) round the wheelbarrow handles, then push on the handle grips, so it's a really nice tight fit ?image


  • ApgeraldApgerald Posts: 4
    Should work. The inner tube might be a bit more grippy as it's soft rubber.
  • weejennyweejenny Posts: 386

    i like that advice cufcskimimage

  • If you know a friendly electrician or have access to an electrical distributor, heat shrink tubing is excellent and will outlive the life of your barrow.

    Basically, you measure the outside diameter of your wheelbarrow handle, acquire a foot or so of the right size tubing, cut it to length, then using a blow torch, shrink it on to the handles.

    They make very comfortable & permanent grips!

    Like so:



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