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Re-felting a shed

Hi all, I'm after any good tips or advice. I not too bad at DIY and such, although it does take forever it is usually a decent enough job. I think I have to refelt my shed though and hang a nrew door.

I inherited an amazing hand made shed made from reclaimed Canadian maple which is now 30 odd years old from the gent I bought our house from. Is refelting a big difficult job and does anyone have any tips before I start?

Also, where would I get a replacement door for a custom size shed?



  • marshmellomarshmello Posts: 683

    Refelting is easy peasy - throw the felt over the roof and nail it on with felt nails, tucking the edges under. Also, there are a zillion vids to watch on youtube, titled: How to refelt a shed roof. image

    As for the door, build it yourself - just copy the old door using new timber, or call a joiner round. If they are any good, this will be a easy job for them.

  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    I made a shed door out of tongue and groove flooring timber strengthened with two Z shapes braces -similar to this image

    I was really pleased with my effortimage

  • TMBTMB Posts: 2

    Depending on the size of your shed roof you may have to use 2 or more lengths of felt to complete the job. My tip here is to make sure you layer or step the felt out from the apex or highest point of the roof to the edge ensuring the rain runs clean off.

    I also would use a tar adhesive to bond the felt to the roof, this in combination with the tacks should stop the wind from getting under the felt in the winter and undoing your good work.

    Hope this helps.  

  • bcosergiobcosergio Posts: 27

    Thanks Marshmello, Sotongeoff and Tam B. All useful stuff. Think I might just build the door myself!  image

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