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scaredy cat plant, does it work



  • weejennyweejenny Posts: 386

    imageYou boys have to have the biggest toys lol.. That must be great fun Id like one of them too

  • M aybe try and plant some catmint in areas of your yard away from your garden. It attracts the cats away from your garden. Maybe find the area where the cats are entering your yard and plant them there.

    Try planting some Lavender in your garden, this is a good cat repellant as well as deer resistant. Sprinkle some dried blood (Blood meal) fertilizer in your garden. Cats can't stand the smell of dried blood, and it serves tow purposes, it's good for your garden.

    Good luck.

    Garden Guru

  • SwissSueSwissSue Posts: 1,447

    Have just found an excellent method to keep cats away on youtube:


  • discodavediscodave Posts: 510

    I found that cats hate being sprayed with water, I used to use my seed spray set onto jet but anything that sprays them they will hate (and of course it wont hurt them). I now have a dog so no cat problems in my garden. 

  • Deedee53Deedee53 Posts: 3

    Does anyone know where you can buy the Musk spray mentioned in the Youtube video?   Thanks

  • jad1jad1 Posts: 130

    Sorry to say that it didn't make any difference in my garden.But i purchases a battery operated cat scarier from the garden centre, It sends off a noise (thats we cant here)

    RSPCA approved. Dogs cant here it.

    It has been in my veggie garden for two years now. The  cats may walk into the garden ,but dont settle to do a poo.

    Definitely worth in investment.image

  • Deedee53Deedee53 Posts: 3

    Sounds like a winner, any details on where you bought it or the brand name?  Thanks

  • Deedee53Deedee53 Posts: 3

    Would also still like the brand details for the Musk spray, thanks

  • I thought he said mussel spray ? We have tried everything Cat Scarer device that gives of a noise plants even lion poo 

  • NibbletsNibblets Posts: 13

    The man in the video said "muscle spray" - meaning Deep Heat, Tiger Balm or other stuff you apply to aching muscles. There's loads of supermarket products available. We used to suffer from cat invasions in our garden and tried everything to keep them away - grated Wrights Coal Tar soap (looked like Red Leicester cheese sprinkled on the borders); teabags soaked with Olbas Oil; wax cones with camphor hung on the fence; Vicks dabbed on fence posts. We still had cats, but all of them had lovely clear sinuses as a result. In the end we moved. Electronic cat scarer failed in new garden - we could hear it even if the moggies didn't.  Water pistol was best (and most satisfying) deterrent but we have never had the time to stand on guard waiting for the cats to stroll by.

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