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scaredy cat plant, does it work

several of my neighbours have cats and they all like to use our garden as a dirt tray despite backing onto a huge field, I saw these in the garden centre and wonder if they really work, does anyone have any experience with these plants, would I need lots or are they a waste of money??  Any ideas what I can use to keep them off/out !



  • I have found that just scattering a bag of marbles around keeps away my neighbours cats   when the sun hits the marble it looks like a cats and easy  any toy shop will have them for around a £1 a bag

  • greenjudegreenjude Posts: 64

    My neighbour's cats don't seem bothered by it. On the other hand, it has a lovely blue flower spike! You'd need several in the area the cats use - fine in the veg patch but not everywere. I think they smell of fox, so I'm hoping they keep rabbits at bay. They root very easily, so one or two plants would provide quite a lot quickly

  • weejennyweejenny Posts: 386

    I bought the cat scarer that is a bit of black metal in the shape of a cat with marble eyes it was a waste of money. My son shouted to me one day to come and see a neighbours cat happily sleeping beside it!!. Is the plant hardy?

  • gardeningfanticgardeningfantic Posts: 1,019

    it does not work.. i bought few years ago and they dont work..but nesting seagulls do..image

  • thanks for your comments, I don't think I'll bother with them, I have some of the cat scarers but they don't work either, will just have to cary on with the water spray or hose when I get the chance but having the cats in my garden limits the amount of birds coming in as the cats scare them off, I've had to stop putting bird feeders out as it just attracts the cats who come and sit in the flower beds waiting to pounce!  Maybe I'll just get a dog instead!

  • I had them in the garden last year and the cats just ignored them so for me that was a waste of money,  at the moment I'm trying the Citronella on sticks method but of course all the rain has put paid to that,  in all honesty nothing works apart from netting the area or maybe the water cannon that you fix to a hose pipe but that has to left on 24/7 till the cats get the idea,  you could get a child's water pistol but then that means you have to sit around for hours waiting for it to get into shot.

  • nope, i bought two and planted them outside my front door in a pot and guess what??? still the cat pee'd up my door lol

  • I may have the answer,  a water pistol,  cats don't like water fired at them,  so my neighbour in the flat upstairs has bought 2 and given one to me,  I have heard this before about a water pistol,  only takes a few "squirts" on the cat then it get's the message so it's primed and loaded resting up against the kitchen window,  watch this space image

  • Moonlit HareMoonlit Hare Posts: 153

    The water pistols do work, the super soakers are best. I remember one day in my old house having a mexican stand off with one of next doors cats. I opened the door, we looked at each other and the music to high noon was playing in my head. as soon as I reached for the water pistol and tiddles caught sight he hot footed it back home. I then started leaving it out in the back garden on gaurd when we where at work, the only thing is you need to make sure it's always loaded so you dont have to faff and waste time.... spead is of the essence!

  • RogerNRogerN Posts: 4

    I've posted a similar message on a cat problem thread elsewhere on the forum, but will add it here for those following this thread. Water pistols and super soakers seem of liitle help if you have a largish garden because they don't reach the pests unless they are fairly close. We invested in a "Water Blaster" earlier this year. An American water cannon like an outsize bicycle pump with claimed range of 60 feet - this is a fair claim. Bought ours from the manufacturer in California via website, but have since noted a UK supplier. Have rarely had a direct hit, but sound of squirt and falling water soon gets message across, and hardly ever have cat in garden now. Can be very quickly filled by sucking up water from a bucket and push handle to discharge complete tubeful of water. 

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