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Quality of bought potting compost

I have had terrible results from bags of soiless compost this year.I am over 70 and have gardened "forever". I have always bought the above for best results but not for the past three years.I found my greenhouse and garden is covered in pernicious oxalis know those sweet little purple clumps with tiny yellow flowers!!They are covering my very large garden...containers, everything has them.They may look tiny but the roots underneath when we dug them up after the compost was put in last Autumn were a thick mass of over 8 the greenhouse. I could not believe it. I contacted the company involved about lack of plant growth and these weeds. Well weed seeds do blow in sometimes  and the odd batch may not be right. I was sent £6 worth of vouchers I did not want. I thought weed seeds were sterilised out of compost...the compost I bought was fresh in the garden centre. I could not even get seed trays of peas growing and I never have trouble with peas....or young plants that should shoot away. I also had a manure that caused these seedlings of Oxalis too and the manufacturer told me that yes they do find these plants and pull them out before it is bagged up.  He sent me £20 "to go out for lunch"!!!!!!!!!?  Perhaps I ought to take up another hobby..hang gliding perhaps....any comments welcome.


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    At least from up there you can't see the weeds! image

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

  • Peat free composts are certainly variable but on the whole I haven't had too many problems. I am finding it a problem getting them from smaller outlets especially New Horizon (the best). Having run out I left it to my husband to get some. He came back with a peat based compost. I was desperate so I used it but have had many problems, the worst of which was mould. Swings and roundabouts with all composts.

  • Humax manure and Levingtons with John Innes and yes I was surprised...I used to rate Levingtons.

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