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I have just planted up my hanging baskets with trailing fuschia's and trailing geraniums and verbena, just wondered if I could take some cuttings and over winter them so I have a ready supply for next year as I spent a fortune to do by baskets and pots and it seems a waste just to start from scratch again next year.  I don't have a greenhouse just a big shed with windows all along oneside but its unheated, would they survive in their or would i need to bring them indoors, any advise would be appreaciated how to proceed.


  • I overwinter on a south facing windowsill (above a radiatoir) in the bedrooms - as long as they are watered they are fine.

  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    Fuchsias and geraniums - yes, you can certrainly take cuttings, but they need to be kept in a frost-free spot - your shed may be too cold. Take the cuttings around about August/September, using non-flowering shoots if possible.

  • will have to free up some windowcill space, can I overwinter the parent plants or is it best just for the new cuttings, and will the cuttings be identical colourways to the parent plants??  thanks.

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    Any cutting will be the same as the parent plant it was taken from

  • I overwinter the old plants as well as the new ones.  I give the old ones agood trim so they don't take up too much room.

    They will be the same colour as the originals as they essentially clones, it is only seeds that would give you the possibility of different colours.  I had some purple aquilegia which self seeded and gave me some pink ones.  I gave some of each to a friend and they now have cream ones as well. 





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