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Save my lawn

How do I rescue my lawn? It has suffered from the urine of my two dogs, no they cannot go! They did a lot of the damage when they were being house trained as puppies, now they are older they tend not to want to go in the garden but save it for the parks and fileds close by. Do we need to lay a completely new lawn? Any advice please?


  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    A lot of brown patches?


  • Pauly DPauly D Posts: 20

    Hi... I take it that the dogs are Bitches.  Bitches urine has an scorching effect on lawns.  Your problem is very annoying & frusitrating because so little can really be done to prevent or even cure it. There isn't any effective repellants on the market and waving goodbye to dogs is totally out of the question and is not really a suggestion..

    The only thing I would be suggest is get some lawn sand or some a conditioner product which is high in nitrogen - And treat the whole lawn.
    Or just water the patch copiously. If the brown patch area remains an eyesore, I would then look into re-seeding or turfing.

    Hope this helps best of luck! 
    (ps my neighbour has the same problem the worse of it all is- it isnt even his dog - only occurs when the grandson appears his dog...)

  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,840

    Both my dogs are neutered - one of each sex - and we don't get brown patches.  I remember reading somewhere that putting tomato ketchup in their food helps counter the scorching effect of urine.  Failing that, wtaring the patch instantly to dilute it.

    However, as this is old damage, I would suggest raking the dead patches of grass, sprinkling on some lawn sand and a bit of compost and then reseeding now while it's warm and damp.   Come autumn, apply a general purpose autumn weed and feed for lawns to the whole area.  Repeat in spring with the spring formula.   Don't cut the grass too short either as this stresses the roots and weakens growth.

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