Talkback: How to grow tomatoes in growing bags

As always, there is an assumption that most of us have a greenhouse so there is almost no information nor any ideas about outside planting and growing...


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    The same principles apply but they get planted later, take longer to ripen and are subject to the weather conditions-but in a good summer you can still grow a decent crop.



  • I would only add  try to find a sheltered spot as they wont like all this windy weather we are having right now  I grow mine on a south facing wall  in pots rather than grow bags...i just think the bags are a bit thin for outside.....they go out as soon as the first trusses are formed ..up till then they are on the kitchen windowsill....stake them well to prevent the wind blowing them about too much...personally i tye them to the stakes every few inches or so and i make sure that they are tied under every truss...its not a good idea to let more than four or five trusses form and i aim for six or seven tomatoes from each truss...everything else gets pinched off with the growing tip pinched out after the fourth or fifth truss.  Hope this helps    happy growing

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