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Olive tree

Phil LukePhil Luke Posts: 6

We have a small Olive tree in a pot that is looking a little unwell.  It has not been re-potted for a long time so supect this may be the problem.  What is the best medium to use when re-potting and when is the best time to do it?


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,391

    Mine grows happily in John Innes no.3 with a fair bit of gritty sharp sand mixed in.  Pot-grown things can be re-potted at almost any time of the year - if you do it now, give it a good watering before and after then leave it until the top inch of soil is dry - one thing they really don't like is wet feet and must have very free-draining soil.

    Don't be tempted to try and remove a lot of the old compost from the root-ball when you re-pot it - that won't do it any good at all.  Just put it in a new pot which is about 20% bigger then the one it is now in and pack the new compost down the gap between root-ball and sides of the new container to ensure no air gaps. You could mix a bit of slow-release fertiliser in with the new soil though. image

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  • Phil LukePhil Luke Posts: 6

    Thanks Bob.  Apologies for late reply - ticked the box for email when response is made but none came, unless I missed it somehow.

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