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Who ate all the carrots?


I'm new to growing veg and I planted out some Early Nants, but they have all gone. I suspect some thing has eaten them, do you think it most likely pigeons (or magpies)? I've seen one sitting on the GH and we have loads of magpies.

I hadn't netted them. So lesson learnt. My other carrots (can't remember what they are) and parsnips have remained untouched.

Thanks, Tina


  • nickybsnickybs Posts: 4

    Not sure about the pidgeons but slugs will get through a row af carrot seedlings in a night! I've prevented the birds eating my kale by stretching twine across the area tied to bamboo canes, much like people do with wire over their ponds to keep the herons at bay, so you could try that. Are the others planted near onions, garlic or leeks because, apparently, slugs are put off by those. 

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