Pleased to have a new garden visitor.

I decided to start putting peanuts out. I already put out sunflower seeds, fatballs, mixed seed and suet blocks. Since putting the peanuts out I've had a new visitor who has been coming into the garden everyday. Not very good pics but thought I'd share anyway.

 Woodpecker, Wood pigeon and parakeet in same picture.

 Up until now I'd only caught fleeting glances of woodpeckers as they blazed through woodland, or heard them pecking. Never thought living on the outskirts of London I'd have one visit my garden. image



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    “I am not lost, for I know where I am. But however, where I am may be lost.” Winnie the Pooh

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    Couldn't help myself Jack.......just HAVE to do another oneimageimageimageimage

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    Wow, hello Woody image I'm sooooooo lovely neighbour over the road has the local woodpecker visiting her but it doesn't come to us.  Is the parakeet wild, do you really live in England, I've only seen them wild abroad image

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    imageimageimageimageimage back at everyone. Plus an extra image for philippa smith2.

    Yes Orchid Lady, there's millions of them in South London, all year round.

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    That's a cracking pic Jackimage

  • Wonderful! image

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    Am i right is that a greater spotted beauty ,the bottom one that is image

  • I wish I got Parakeets, the most colourful thing that I have in my garden is a Blue Tit (still happy that they come though).image

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    Lovely pics Jack.  I can imagine you running for the camera before they flew offimage

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