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Pruning Buddleia

Dear Forum Members,

How critical is the timing of pruning Buddleia?

A buddleia (I think it may be Davidii) in our garden missed its early spring pruning as it was obscured by a dead conifer which we later had removed. It is not in flower, but is looking frightfully straggly with lots of dead shaggy lower leaves and some dead older framework, and is now on show because it has been exposed. It is a bit of a shocker. So my fingers are desperately itching to reach for the secateurs and give it a significant prune.

It is not currently in flower, and is showing no signs of flowering. Do you think it is a problem if I give it a prune now, or would it be advisable to wait (and if yes, until when?)

Many thanks!

The Grateful Deadhead


  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,875

    You can certainly cut off dead branches, that's always a good plan. I'd shorten some branches as well if it looks as though it needs it but I wouldn't do one of those major cutting back jobs where you take everything back to a couple of foot tall

  • Dear Nutcutlet and Verdun,

    Thank you very much for your valuable tips. Before the weekend I will have reached for my secateurs, but upon both your advice I won't take the buddleia to within an inch of it's life image)

    Thank you!

    The Grateful Deadhead

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