Sweet peas

I wondered if any one can help . My sweet peas have just started flowering and I have been picking and bringing indoors. Unfortunately they also bring with them small black bugs that seem to nest in the centre of the flower. Whilst not seeming to harm the flowers they are a real nuisance. What are they and is there anyway of getting rid of them ?


  • ColinAColinA Posts: 165

    I think they are called pollen beetles I had them last year if you shake the flowers outdoors to get rid of them you should be ok

  • They tend to be attracted to the white blooms, so one solution is to only grow the colours. Alternatively, a tip I was given by a real SP expert is to place the bunch, in their vase in a dark garage, and open the door. The beetles fly to the light and then you can take the flowers indoors. I prefer the former solution. image

  • Brilliant thanks a lot.

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