cutting back tree branches

Hi ive recently moved, have a small garden, my neighbours trees each side meet in the middle of my garden, they have maggots continuously hanging off and block any sunlight, I have spoke to the neighbours they have given me permision to cut them back, the problem is I cant afford to pay for this, does anyone know any organization that could help? I would love to be able to use the garden.


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    Whoever it is, they must know what they are doing. Hacking away at a mature tree can result at best in an eyesore and at worst infection entering the tree and damaging it.

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    How big are the trees? Could you tackle them yourself with a pair of loppers?

    If not you will have to bite the bullet and get a tree surgeon in. Make sure it is someone who knows what they are doing, not just some itinerant with a chainsaw, knocking on doors looking for work.

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    Don't know where you live janey, but could there be a college near you that offers agricultural courses? If so, you could suggest that the students might like a supervised bit of pruning practice. They could just laugh in your face, but it would cost you nothing.

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    Hello , they say don't do anything drastic for the first year in your garden to see what grows ? If it is really bad why not just cut a few smaller branches yourself and try and make the trees a feature . Lots of plants like shade , just look on G/W site 

    You want to check where the sun rises , mid day and sets to see what you can do 

    Best of luckimage

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    You can buy a pruning saw and handle form the Wolf range at good garden centres and DIY stores.   Good quality and not expensive.   Then I suggest you lift the corwn by removing loawer branches all round the trees.  Once you've cleared those away and can see what is left you can then thin th ecrown by removing some of the branches to allow air, light and rain to circulate and permeate.

    Make a first small cut under the branch and then cut it cleanly from the top.   This will help prevent the bark and wood tearing and splitting and maintain a nealthy tree.  Do not use wound paint.  The tree will heal itself.   Make sure you remove all dead and crossing branches first.

    Here is what the RHS advises -

    Crown lifting: Lifting the crown by removing lower branches will allow access for mowing, mulching and enjoying the shade cast by the tree.

    Crown thinning: Thinning crowns to let in more light by removing some, usually up to 30 percent, of the branches and concentrating on dead or congested shoots is another strategy.It is very easy to spoil the appearance of the tree so this is best attempted in stages evaluating the effect before removing more.

    If branches larger than the diameter of your wrist need to be removed or if there is a lot of work up ladders needed, it would be best to call in a professional arborist.

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    Hi thank you all for your advice, I dont want to kill the neighbours trees, just want to be able to use the garden, it's impossible as there are maggots swinging around everywhere, the branches are at least 60ft high, theres no way I can get up there and unfortunetly can't afford to pay someone.

    There is a local college so the idea from Pansyface is a possibility.

    Thanks again everyone.
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    Maggots hanging from the trees are you sure they're not catkins?

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    They'll be those little larvae that disperse to pupate abseiling down on a thread. 

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    Hi Janey29,  i have looked at your problem on the net for any rights you may have to get the neighbors to do or pay for the job however no good news ,the site i last looked at was (( Problem neighbors )) i know they are not a problem but got this advice  

     If you choose to cut down overhanging branches, or trim trees, you will have to pay for the cost of doing so yourself. Try speaking to your neighbour however as you may be able to reach some sort of agreement in relation to any gardening work required, though they are not obliged to contribute to this cost. Note that you are not entitled to access to your neighbour's property to enable you trim the branches on your side of the boundary without their permission. Not a lot of good sorry


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    Hi Alan, one of the neighbours are fine, we've become friends, she is pretty much in the same position as me.

    The other neighbour is elderly and dosent speak much English, I have spoken to her and she replied " yes cut down tree" she dosent use her garden, it is completely overgrown.

    About the maggots, I'm not sure what they are but they are stressing me out.

    Thank you all for your support.
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