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East Facing Garden

We are planning to buy a house with an east facing garden, the garden is aprox 8m out from house and 13m wide, and we live in north east England. Can you tell me the challenges that lay ahead, and what fragrant plants would be advised ex: rose’s ext 


  • WinniecatWinniecat Posts: 100
    We have an east facing front garden and found that ornamental grasses and geraniums do very well. Acers in pots like it as well as the early morning sun is not too strong but it stays warm through most of the day at this time of year. Be careful though as we find it colder than the other aspects during the winter, so spring flowering shrubs such as camelias don't do too well in an east facing garden.
  • bekkie hughesbekkie hughes Posts: 5,294
    Hi, i would make a list of things you like (Crocus website is very good for figuring this out!), then post it on here for further advice image

    As far as climbers go, many dont mind a shadier spot, ive also got some roses in an east (ish) facing bed which seem fine, just dont buy ones which are on the fussy side.

    Ive also used mirrors in the shadier spots, this really makes a difference to light levels and gives more interest image
  • You can also plan a pond in your garden that enhance landscape look.

  • Alex,

    The only problem with a pond is we have Grandchildren and our Granddaughter loves running around. We have just visited an open garden at Richmond North Yorkshire last week it has an east facing garden and that was wild with small ponds and lots of Hosta’s and Roses, it was on a bigger scale than my garden. I think you have wetted my appetite.

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