whats eating my runner bean leaves

Hi something is eating my runner bean leaves and having a real good feast on them... I thought at first its snails or slugs so put slug pellits down but they still seem to be eaten, even the really small leaves that are well over a foot off the round....4 out of 7 plants are still growing but they have all been eaten....image

any ideas anybody as to what is eating the and what can I do ..Please !!!

I have thought of putting some white fleecey stuff over the to prevent what ever is eating them getting to them but then they wouldn't get any light..


  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,806

    I appreciate you have dismissed  slugs or snails but they are usually the culprit and snails will climb up the sticks-go out after dark with a torch and I think you will find something munching.

    When you say you have used slug pellets have you renewed them after rain -are they scattered about and not in piles?

  • slugs and snails has eaten all mine in the garden. Its bean a total disaster!!! image

    The ones down the allotment are fairing slightly better - ie they are still there but not looking happy 

  • Little blitters hey... I have scattered the pellets all around them......silly question but will they still produce beans.....I now hope that the 'little darlings' get an attack of vertigo soon....image
    Thanks for your help

  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,806

    If they survive- then yes- you will still get beans- it is not too late to sow some more now -obviously a bit later to flower etc, but saves a glut

  • This year, as well as using garlic wash on my Hostas I've used it on other stuff which slugs/snails like beans, dahlias etc. They're not perfect but better than they've been before - as I don't use slug pellets


  • You would see some slime trails on the remaining leaves if it were slugs and snails.  

  • im having the same problem .. 

  • ive have tried pellets they don't work,think i will bring them in till they can cope,on there own,i have so many slugs n snails its an endless game to get rid.need solutions like,some1 mentioned to me,use vaseline at the edge of the pots or sticks used to support,but ive tried everything nothing works,i can grow anything,but not them.

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    I had that problem last year too going to be a bottle trench this time with any thing I can get my hands on sheep wool horse hair,crushed shells,to name a few good luck with yours


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    If the stems are also chomped maybe slugs / snails, mine have tattered leaves and that's pigeons. So netting or sticks around to stop them getting at them.

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    I had a problem, my bean leaves were being eaten up to chest high - it was deer! Could it be rabbits? My veggie garden now has a high fence.

  • quercus_ruburquercus_rubur Posts: 333

    Last night I watched a slug chomping the top of one of my broad beans. It chomped through the top 3" of stem..... .. TIMBER! 

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    Someone's done that to my tallest sunflower - it didn't climb up from the ground 'cos I'd surrounded it with coarse sand - it climbed down from the pear tree image

    Gardening is cheaper than therapy, and you get tomatoes. 
  • quercus_ruburquercus_rubur Posts: 333

    You have to give them 10 out of 10 for perseverance. How long would it take to get UP the pear tree in the first placeimage 

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    We have to be aware that slug pellets actually attract slugs it is a fine line between destroying them and guiding them to the plants that we want to protect.

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    carol wood

    my beans and sunflowers appear to be attacked and shredded at night. I have tried crushed egg shells, because snails dont like uneven surfaces, but still it goes on.

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    Mine are suffering from minor rabbit or mouse attack at the moment!  What also usually happens is that I can forget the beans that are less than say a foot off the ground as something always has a nibble at those - definately mice or rabbits or, on the odd occasion, an escaped hen!

  • I started mine in pots in the greenhouse, half were eaten ( on 10 day holiday) on my return. Noticed a nibbled pack of sweet corn seeds nearby had been eaten, including packet, so concluded it was a hungry mouse! 

    New seeds planted in ground and surviving plants transplanted. Next attack came. Have used bird scare tape, slug pellets but now have cut holly and placed it round the plants,3 days on, so far so good.

  • Slugs are relentless so I have to attack from multiple fronts:  I have had good results with a tuna or cat food can, sunk into the earth and filled with beer.  It attracts slugs and then drown in beer, a happy death.  I crush my egg shells in a food processor and spread them--won't get them all, but some and the garden needs calcium.  Also, put your coffee grounds around the plants that the slugs are eating. Finally, I spread diatomaceous earth, but this has to be reapplied after it rains.  If you can get a nice toad to live in your garden, he'll eat the slugs as well.  

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