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To Prune or not to Prune - Bush Fuchsia

Hi All.  

At the weekend I purchased a couple of small "Dollar Princess" fuchsia's for some summer colour.  When I potted them up I realised that they looked quite leggy.  They have plenty of buds howerver and I am a bit unsure if I should "Chelsea Chop" them to give a bushier and more floriferous plant for the summer.  I have taken a picture of one of them and posted it here: 


Any advice most gratefully received.





  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    They do look a bit leggy. You can cut them down by about half, and will then have to wait fully six weeks for any flowers. Don't cut them back any further as it won't produce a better result and will just delay the flowers even more.

  • pauljspauljs Posts: 13

    Thanks Alina,

    I think I will leave them as I'd hate to have no flowers for the whole of July.  They were only £2 each anyway so noting much lost.

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