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Hello, I'm hoping to sow some Biannual's but I don't know what to expect. What I want to know is, after they germinate, do they just stay like a juvenile plant over winter or do they die back and go back under ground and then shoot up next year? Any light you can shed is appreciated. I'm hoping to sow some lupin. Thanks in advance.


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    biannual plants are hardy and will over winter as a juvenile plant just as you presume, maturing and flowering the following spring/summer image

    Lupin are a perennial but take a year to establish before flowering. It's also said that they are short lived, 3 maybe 4 years, although may gardeners will tell you theirs are older. It's really down to the plant tbh.image

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    Biennials stay, slugs permitting, as small plants eg foxgloves over the winter months & then flower the next year. J.

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    Tina -I replied to your question last week on the same subject?

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