best shrub rose for an east fence

I have a space in an east facing border I'd like to fill with a shrub rose. I have loads of other roses in my garden, as the soil is perfect for them - heavy, clay, free draining etc. but none in that particular bed. Ideally looking for a white variety and scented. Do any roses of that description do well in this situation? Thanks for your thoughts image


  • WintersongWintersong Posts: 2,436

    I have a climbing white rose, Winter White growing on an enclosed east facing fence as well as a shrub rose, Rhapsody in Blue facing east on trellis, both of which love the aspect and although neither is a white shrub rose as specify, at least you know east facing is no problem for roses. image

  • thanks Winter - have 3 climbers on that fence already, but am about to check out your Rhapsody in Blue image


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