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Chilli Seed Swap



  • Dan-CDan-C Posts: 30
    Just thought I'd bump this thread now it's coming towards winter.

    Unfortunately, what I was sold as bhut jolakia seeds early this year, I've now found out they definitely are not! I've put a pic on a different thread but will try get it on here too to see if anybody can ID whatever it is I've grown but they're large chillies with minimal heat to them.

    My jalape??os have a good kick to them though apparently!

    Wondering if any of you lovely people would be kind enough to send me some of your different types of chilli seeds? At least I know then I won't be getting jipped lol

    Thanks in advance =)
  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 28,796

    My chillies have taken ages to recover from being battered falt by hail in May and the labels got blown away too so I have fruits only just starting on most and no idea which is which yet so I won't offer to swap seeds unless anyone wants Basket of Fire as that was indoors in May and has done well.

    It's a small chilli plant that makes small, upwardly pointing chillies that keep producing all winter when I bring it in and put it on my south facing kitchen window sill.  Last year's plant is still fruiting tho not as prolifically.


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  • Whats happening...Anyone have Tabasco seeds they dont need??None of mine came up and its my favorite pepper

  • I have a number of spare self-saved chilli and sweet pepper seeds. Including some rare and unusual varieties.

    I've got plenty, so don't necessarily need any swaps, but let me know if you've got anything interesting.

    I'm likely to ask for an SAE or postage to put off anyone asking for freebies without making any regular contribution to the forum then disappearing. We all know it happens.

    There don't seem to be many chilli growers on this forum, but happy to help out anyone with genuine interest and enthusiam.

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