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Neighbour's Plum Tree

Hi everyone image

I'm a 'trial and error' gardener but love to potter.  A few years ago our neighbour planted a small tree at the boundary of our garden - about 15/20ft from our house/garage.  Last year we couldn't use the garden due to the extent of wasps around the tree (we thought we had a nest and hubby was in the middle of them to find it !)  Any ideas please how to 'manage' the wasps please.

Also, do plum trees throw up roots and/or shoots.  I'm finding them popping up through the flower ben and patio pavers - I'm really worried about how bad this could get.  Any suggestions appriciated image



  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    You cant really manage wasps-they have wingsimage -the old thing of a jam jar filled with a sweet mixture to tempt them in controls them to a certain degree-have also found this

    and you can buy wasp traps as well

    If the tree has started throwing up suckers all you can do on your side is cut them off.

    Perhaps a word with the neighbour about this tree is needed-but we all know how awkward that can be.

    Good luck.

  • BelfastboBelfastbo Posts: 17

    Hi sotongeoff

    You are so right about the wings image lol

    I know wasps are part of the garden eco system but I have an awful fear of them plus my two wee grandkids potter in the garden and I'm scared the wasps could swarm if disturbed near this tree. I've heard of the jar thing but was reluctant to use it, partly because of my grandkids.  I know there is a product that can be bought online (don't want to use the product name) that essentially 'fools' the wasps into thinking there's another nest nearby - apparently they won't go within a certain radius of another nest.  I may give that a go image

    It does look as if the tree is throwing up suckers - I will try to manage them but know I may have to speak to the neighbour if it gets worse.  Yes, it can be awkward and they aren't the most pleasant at the best of times !  

    Anyway, thank you so much for your reply - I thought I was being silly about the suckers - I honestly didn't think a fruit tree would do that image

  • I think you definately have to have a word with your neighbour. People often don't appreciate that mature fruit trees do grow to a substantial size (20 feet is way too close). Perhaps you could offer to buy him one with a dwarfing rootstock if he will take it down?

    If he won't then I'd be inclined to give it a root prune come winter to get rid of any suckering roots on your property. This should reduce the tree's vigour a bit as well. As I am sure you are aware you are entitled to cut off any branches coming over your boundary providing you return the branches to your neighbour, but I'd only do this as a last resort.

  • BelfastboBelfastbo Posts: 17

    Hi EB, it's good to hear from you.   I was wondering about the distance from our (plus their) house as is a bit worrying.  We have a six foot fence between us and I'm sure it's at least six feet above that already.  I will def consider having a word with them but I will also consider the root pruning.  I've never heard of that and it probably means digging up my relatively new bed but I suppose it has to be done image

    The branches are overhanging already...that's why I hate the whole wasp thing.  O dear, I think this is going to be a problem image

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