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Please could anyone recommend a tasty, disease resistant and smallish to dwarf-ish rootstock greengage. I am hoping to set in on a sunny slope but on quite sandy soil. Any ideas from those who have had a good cropper, without too much 'faffing' about, would be really appreciated.


  • MarineliliumMarinelilium Posts: 213
    I know it's bad 'forum form' to reply to your own post but this is a 3yr old thanks to Yorick.

    I found a 2009 thread on plums that fruit generously and Yorick recommended a gage , Oulins Greengage. Will order an Oulins and a Mirabelle de Nancy both on Pixy rootstock.

    Alas poor Yorick can't thank you in person but a recommendation when ordering trees is usually a better than bet than none. Thanx I've ' plum'ped for two gages.
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