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Help! Something is eating my rocket!

I went out yesterday to gather some salad for my lunch, only to discover that my rocket has been eaten. Every leaf has been nibbled, so only a thin bit is left. Any ideas on what the culprits are and whether I can stop them? My other salad leaves are fine. Thanks.


  • celia2celia2 Posts: 21

    The dreaded slugs and snails, I expect !

  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    Always go for the main and obvious suspects which are slugs/snails-if not that then you have rabbits,or something else on legs

    Scatter a few slug pellets about

  • edzelledzell Posts: 5

    Pigeons like rocket on my allotment!

  • JengilJengil Posts: 35

    Thanks for that folks. I don't usually have trouble with slugs or snails, so maybe it's birds/rabbits. I will just have to be vigilant I guess.

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