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Tree and shrub stumps.

Last year was spent chopping down various sycamore, holly and shrubs that had taken over two thirds of the garden at our new address, this year I am left with the problem of stumps - loads of them. Myself and daughter dig most of them out but the real problem is a group of bay trunks which were 30ft high and we felled them, but now I have approx 20 3ft tall stumps and I just want any budget ideas - other than dynamite as the neighbours would complain - to getting rid without back breaking digging them up. I am gravelling over them so they only need to be just under soil level really.


  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    A stump grinder would do what you want, but you'll have to hire someone to do it.

  • dannyboy10dannyboy10 Posts: 127

    This works but you will have to cut the stump to ground level.

    first drill loads of holes in the top of the stump so the holes are below the surface of the soil, then put some fire lighters on the top of the holes and leave for a week so the fire lighters soak into the stump,them after a week put some more fire lighter on to of the stump and light them,it does work but can be a bit smokey,and it will burn for a couple of days.

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