Lilac hedge not flowering

I have a hedge leading the front door of lilac trees, it's at least 4 metres long and 2 metres deep. My neighbour said it hasn't flowered in 50 years. Is there any hope?

I've pruned them down by a third as they were getting too tall. They are planted quite close about 3/4 making up the width of the hedge and only a few feet apart. Is that the problem or are they too old? I was thinking of just leaving a row at the back of the border and planting something else in front. 

The neighbour on the other side has a lilac tree that flowers every year in the same position (so I assume it must get enough sun). I love it and wish mine would flower! 

Thanks for any advice. 




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    Fifty years! I admire the patience of all concerned. And not one plant has had the good manners to flower in all that time? Amazing.

    I seem to remember reading somewhere that lilac are hungry plants that like to be well fed. It's too late for flowers this year, but if you really want to bother, dump a load of muck around their roots and dig it in as best you can. If they don't play ball after that I'd call time.
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  • Lilac forms its flower buds in summer, after it's flowered. As a hedge, doubtless it's regularly cut. I expect all its potential flower growth is being cut off each year. I've never seen it effective as a hedge and flowering.  HC

  • blue roseblue rose Posts: 31

    Thanks for the replies. I must admit I haven't fed my hedge as I didn't realise it was lilacs until my neighbour told me. I've not been gardening that long.

    The hedge is overgrowing onto the path already and so the summers growth is being cut. I never thought of that! I was planning on taking it back to just one row of lilac trees and then putting something else in the border in front. I've made a start already as the rest of the hedge is winter flowering jasmine that never's flowered and bachelors button hole. I'll give it a good fed and let you know if they flower! 




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