Screening neighbour's ugly extension

Hi, has anybody got some sensible suggestions for screening an ugly extension that our neighbours are having built at the moment?  Because of the strange setup of our garden, the extension is really imposing on our garden and we have totally lost all privacy (so much for trying to be a good neighbour and not raising any objections, how naive were we!).  Anyway we are looking for some screening ideas without falling foul of the Hedges Act, as much as I would like to stick the biggest row of leylandii in.  Any suggestions gratefully received.


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    I know what you mean and feel ,Our neighbour put an ugly extension on the side of his which looks like a toilet block. it spoils our out look and the look of the road . If you can screen it   by using treillis and growing a clematis montania that would look good , I wish I could do the same.image

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    Not sure of how the layout works or which bit you are trying to lose sight of - a side wall or a window - but pergolas are nice and tall and trellis is cheap and quick while other things are growing up.
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    Unfortunately our garden borders two sides of the extension and the third side is very visible from another part of our garden, there really is no way of escaping it.  Unfortunately it is two storey and looks like a cross between a giant shed and a children's play fort!  I think wood can look good on buildings but this one has been poorly designed and just looks plain wrong on a Victorian cottage.  I seriously suspect that if the Planners saw how it actually looks built, they would have had second thoughts of passing the plans in the first place.

    Trellis and climbers unfortunately won't go anywhere near screening it, if it had been single storey we just wouldn't really have a problem with it.  I think mature trees or large shrubs are the only way to go.

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    Oh dear. Sounds dreadful. Well, trees aren't covered by any hedge restrictions and when does a clump of trees become a hedge?

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    Hi teenrbee.  What about a stilted hedge?  have a look on, click on "trees for a purpose", "hedging".  May give you some ideas.

    I have a similar screening need. My plan isn't a stilted hedge but to use two such trees further apart, in in from the boundary to distract from the view. 


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