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Talkback: Make your garden bee-friendly in summer

bomberobombero Posts: 1
We already have as bumble bees have moved into one of our bird boxes!! They seem happy enough behind our summerhouse and we leave room for them to get on with their business and we get on with ours!


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,433

    Tree bumble bees seem to really like bird boxes.

  • woodsiderwoodsider Posts: 1
    My garden is very bee-friendly, and in return my bees are equally friendly to me.

    When working in my garden, it seems that if a bee wants to attend a particular flower it makes no difference if that flower is just a couple of centimetres from my nose, hand or knee. With a gentle buzz to let me know they are there, they just get on with their work, and I with mine.

    Yesterday I was sunbathing and a small bee landed with a buzz on a flower right by me - so close, his bright orange backside was tickling my arm ! Now that is friendly !

  • I love watching them struggle to push their way into the snap dragons. They always buzz indignantly as they try and squeeze back out!
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