Potato blight

cornishpixicornishpixi Posts: 58

My spuds have blight it seems to have taken hold while I was away is there anything I can do, think its too late to spray - Thanks


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    If the stems are still green and are yet to be affected (ie only the leaves have symptoms) you can pull the haulms up and the spuds can stay in the ground and harvested as needed because they shouldn't be affected.  If the stems near the ground are blighted, then best lift the whole lot and eat those spuds which aren't affected asap.

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    Even if you had noticed it earlier, there isnt much you can do, the only treatment is bordeaux mixture which ive never had much sucess with ! Sorry about your spuds image
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    early or late?

    I'm new to this really, but from what i read there is a fair amount of difference. Different pathogens for a start and early blight, which my plants have had for 2 or 3 weeks now is much slower progressing typically, than late blight which can practically kill of your plant in a matter of days.

    I've been removing the infected leaves off mine since it started and it's only now starting to look like my plant is a getting stressed from this burden. The weather has been pretty kind to me really, hot not a lot of rainfall. Make sure you water at the base only. Dont get the leaves wet.

    My plan is to keep mine going as long as I can to a point then harvest and eat quickly. Potatoes wont last long uneaten in my household anyway. If I had late blight I would probably make the decision much sooner and cut the plant off and as said, leave ten to 14 days then lift the tubors.

  • cornishpixicornishpixi Posts: 58

    Great thanks will give it a go

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