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White Rhododendron but no White

Looking for some more help and advice - If im on here that's mostly what I'll be looking for haha! don't think i'll be giving it... Maybe one day.

I have a White Rhododendron in the garden. You have read the above and are wondering why how do I know it is white if it isn't flowering - I have seen it flower in the past.  It also flowered very early on in the season - not alot but it did flower. Since then it has got greener and filled out. But just now of that lovely white flower
: (

I have noticed when I am out and about I see these flowering lovely - basically in the wild, therefore need very little care, so..... I am left scratching my head - why isnt mine!!?

Can anyone help


  • Pauly DPauly D Posts: 20

    Typo; But just NONE of that lovely white flower: ( *


  • Right Pauly, this will need to be my last for a while...I need to watch Moto GP from Silverstone & have  Fathers Day. image

    Yo'll need to do a Ph test of the soil where your rhodo is growing. They need acid soil to grow well and flower.

    Of course it will not flower again until next year anyway, as their season is over and will (as you say) just put on leaf.

  • Sorry for any typos...just had to rush it! image

  • Pauly DPauly D Posts: 20


    LOOK! :- D


    I know its been a while - but wanted to show you, what a difference...

    Thanks again for your help

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