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Talkback: How to create an autumn pot display

Has anyone had any experience of growing Saffron Crocus. I have just bought some and wondered if anyone had any ideas about good companion plants. I have panted these in a large container for the present as a precaution against snails and slugs and the dreaded vine weevil - will treat the container with insecticide in due course as well as having given it a dressing of gravel.


  • I planted some last (as in a year before you) and have yet to see any flowers but I also have mine in a large planter. I grew a few brassica in with them with no apparent side effects. The soil I use was a basic cheap mix with a bit of perlite and a handful of slow release fert. Sorry I can't be much more help. Regards Nick
  • QueenTiQueenTi Posts: 18

    I grew some last year in pots outside. Had brilliant leaf display last autumn but no flowers and I have yet to see anything this year? I hope they are still there.

  • I did finally get a few flowers earlier this year but whether the plants have survived this years deluge remains to me seen. They may have managed tomake some bulbs despite all the odds - who knows?

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