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I have just installed a new decking area at the back of my house but I've had to install a small retaining wall as there is a grass area 40cm higher then my decking. 

So to try and turn this wall into a feature I've clad the wall and placed French oak sleepers along the top to turn it into a seated area but now want to put some really nice plants behind these sleepers on the raised part of the garden and am looking for advise from you expert gardeners on what you would recommend.

I already have lavender and rosemary near by but I am looking for other plants to put in which either have colour and scent so when you rub past them you get a pleasant smell.

The soil is quite heavy and in a direct sun light.

Many Thanks in advance.



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    That sounds amazing, wish my other half would get on with some projects!


    Roses (you can get tiny ones)

    Dwarf lilac

    Honeysuckle- probably the evergreen one


    Jasmine-any of them!

    Scented gerainium such as attar of roses- heaven! image
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    Hi Adrian i asked a similar question a short time ago heres the answer i got imageGood Luck     



    Nite scented plants

    Hesperis matronalis aka Sweet Rocket - not the world's most glamourous flower, but the most beautiful scent which it casts on the evening air.  It looks a bit like a straggly white or purple wallflower, so put it at the back of a bed a few feet from the 'bottle of wine area'.  

    Honeysuckle's sweet scent floats through the air on a warm summer evening.  

    At the moment our suppers on the terrace are perfumed by a pot of three bulbs of the lily Muscadet we can even smell it indoors.

    Nightscented stocks are a pretty little annual no terrace or patio should be without, so scatter a few seeds around the garden in the spring before the owners' return.

    Lonicera japonica "Halliana" aka the Sweet Woodbine (and no, I don't smoke) is a honeysuckle that has very small cream flowers, rather underwhelming to look at, that have the most marvellous scent in the evening. Even here in chilly old Derbyshire. It's one of those plants that hides its charms and has people saying "where is that fantastic perfume coming from?"

    I have 7ft tall lillies that give a wonderful smell on warm evenings as we had earlier in the month. Sadly, the flowers have finished now - but I know they will come back next year.  I have had them for about 7 years and they overwinter just fine with no attention needed.  Sorry, but I don't know the variety but the brand was Taylors.   Maggie

    ou cannot beat the scent of Valeriana officinalis for scent. In fact it can be a little overwhelming for some but I love it.

    For a climber plant Trachelospermum Jasminoides. It wants to climb rather than fall like common jasmine and is much neater in growth habit. Does best in a sheltered sunny position too. Scent is wonderful   

    if you can put it behind something, both for shade and becaue it's not much to look at in the day, Nicotiana affinis. Noy perennial (well, I think it is perennial but not hardy) but no trouble to raise from seed. It's my best evening scent by far

    Try jasmine 'Clotted Cream' I have one and the night purfume is 'to die for', it is a climber. Also Nicotinana Sylvestri. It needs to have it's feet in the ground, but try it in pot's I know people that have, grows to around 3ft. I have saved seed and regrown year on year

    Agree with honeysuckle but add serotina too.  Delicious scent and prob the best looking flowers.  Jasmine too.

    Heliotrope arborescens....the perennial shrubby one ....has delicious scent from late spring on.

    For tactile fragrance lemon verbena and salvia elegans (pineapple sage) are powerful scents when brushed past, as are the scented pelargoniums

    Daphne Eternal Fragrance will flower throughout the summer months on an evergreen small shrub.

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