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Tomato plants

Good day.I transplanted my tom plants from 3" pots to very large container pots,watered them and placed them in the greenhouse (unheated).A day later the leaves started to turn white.I used the same new compost.The plants were healthy on my window sills but obviosly did not like the transplant.Can anyone advise as to what happened.

Many thanks



  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    You have answered your own question-a big drop in temperature from a warm indoors to a cold greenhouse-they should grow out of it-you would have been better to have had them in the greenhouse in the 3" pots for a while to get used to the conditions.

  • 306JAMES306JAMES Posts: 3

    Many thanks.


  • Geoff is right. Another indication is if the leaves turn a blue/ish colour, particularly on the underside.....they'll get over it if and when summer ever arrives.

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