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Native mixed hedge against a fence?



  • My neighbour has a fence on his own ground a bare foot from the legal boundary running from NNE to SSW. I had a 14-ft wide x 7 ft high conifer hedge removed from this side and have added rotted horse manure.As there is only a boundary marker at each end of the garden on that side, I am having boundary posts put in on the east-facing side, with a chainlink fence attached.  This is relatively cheap and, although not beautiful, I am thinking of planting a row of bush or cordon fruits on my side fronted by low-growing fruits such as gooseberries.  I then hope to plant something on the chainlink which won't interfere with the fruit trees, possibly either runner beans or sweetpeas.  The opposite side of the garden has a rather ugly concrete panel wall, 3-4 ft high.  The neighbour doesn't mind what I do so that will be the side for a mixed native hedge - hopefully not a straight line on the garden side! - both for the wildlife and to hide the concrete wall.  Then what to do with the bottom boundary, north facing but only light dappled shade from a few spindly regrown hazels.  I would appreciate what people think of this, and any constructive suggestions, negative or positive, would be welcome.  Thank you!


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