box plants

Just bought some box plant seeds online.Any tips on quicker growth, or even just

how to grow and pot on.I havent a scoobie on how to grow these mini hedges ,would

appreciate any advice on types of soil in pots,where best and how long to keep them

in position for and growth rates


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    I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings but box is a really slow growing plant. Even from cuttings it will take years to produce a hedge, I imagine that from seed that you will be looking at 4/5 years to produce a plant.

    I would go back and ask the seller for instructions and a timeline.

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    I fear you may have been sold a pup-where did you get these from exactly-I have never heard of growing box from seed.

  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    Since posting I have found this

    it is not easy and is going to take a very,very long time-can you wait andrew?

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    Box grows from seed, that's how it reproduces naturally. For all native trees I sow seed when it's ripe and leave it outside unprotected until it germinates. You're still looking at a long wait for a hedge though.

  • Ernie ,i"m 50 now image, and plan to live a long life.Joking aside ,i bought 25 plants ,at a height of 9 inches a plant ,hoping they will grow another 3 to 5 inches  in a couple of years ,or so.The 40 seeds only cost me a couple of quid ,so the growing aspect is really just a novelty.Many thanks for the replies , and keep them coming.Its my 1st post so i am new to this game.Cheers everyone 


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    Then welcomeimage

  • imageI have a trick to improve your supply of hedging plants at almost no long term cost. Every time I trim my box hedge I put a lot of the clippings as  cuttings in a pot of potting compost,water it, place a plastic bag over it for a couple of months in the shade.(just strip off the bottom leaves and shuv in the compost) These invariably root.The following Spring separate and pot on individually. This way you always have a supply of plants to use, give away or sell at the annual plant show in your village. I now have a succession of plants of increasing size should I need to replace some or start a new hedge. These little plants are such tough little b......, it is difficult to go wrong Simple!!

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