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I have tried for the last half hour to access Verdun's thread about the 'good guys' but the search thingy just does not do itimage So here is an annexe of the good guys; RHS plants, ordered 2 or 3 working days ago, delivered this a.m. in the most PERFECT packaging possible; all cardboard and eco. I thought I was getting a 9cm pot, it was 13cm, 22cm high with 5 blooms (it was Miss Wilmotts Ghost) Very pleased. Only cavil: in the mini catalogue they sent they listed a double Delphinium that is so weird, it looks like some plastic replica flower.image



  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,167

    Edd, what is the spy glass?

  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,167

    Do you mean 'search this site'? because that is what I have been trying for the last half hour!!!

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    ..I can also give a good report about the RHS plant site....but you do know artjak, that their plants are supplied by Crocus...? they just have different offers going on...'s Crocus by another name really...

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    Salino, I was just so impressed by the speed of delivery and the packaging, which has instantly gone to a friend who does ebay.

    When I googled Miss Wilmotts Ghost (the plant I wanted) one of the sites that came up was RHS, Crocus was not there.

    Edd thank you for that tip.

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    Have you bought this for seed? You do know its biennial and if its in flower now it will die shortly? Although it will scatter so much seed around you will have it for evermoreimage

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    I found it impossible to grow from seed so decided to get a small plant this year in the hope that it will seed.image

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    ..they seem to call it 'Silver Ghost' on Crocus... just as well you got it through the RHS though artjak, as it's a pound cheaper through them... quite architectural isn't it..?

  • I've had garden merchandise from Crocus and have found them very professional and price competitive.

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    I love the look of it; I have hopefully planted it where it will like to go forth and multiplyimage

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    Hi All

    I'm assuming that these 'good guys' are all mail order. Would really appreciate if any of these are open to the public. And what area they are in. Old fashioned but I prefer to see my plants before I buy


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