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Problems with newly planted topiary box hedge.



  • Pauly D wrote (see)

    aaaaaaaaaah Does not sound good... image ooooh! ok - I shall do that right now, and possibly get it dug out straight away!

    Don't worry, it's probably no more than a duff plant at this early stage & easily rectified...much more of a problem if it had been part of an established hedge.

  • Pauly DPauly D Posts: 20

    I think you have hut it on the nail! By the look of those images I would say it is blight indeed... Thanks for your efforts.

    By chance do you know anythng about Rhododendron's? I have started a new thread on that haha : )

  • Pauly D wrote (see)

    By chance do you know anythng about Rhododendron's? I have started a new thread on that haha : )

    After the years I've spent gardening, there are very few mysteries left.

    I'll take a look at your rhodo thread.

  • My attempt to shape a topairy rabbit, free hand, given a short back & sides yesterday: image


  • Pauly DPauly D Posts: 20

    Nice image GOOD WORK!!!  There should be a 'like' button... I have and egg basket shaped as a hen that the misses was given as a pressie - but now it has ended up in the garden image - button of it cut out - in a put - with a box plant currently growing in it... Its had a few cuts and point in the right direction- but needing it to fill out some what..... I have a feeling that this is going to be a few years project, ha!  Not to worry.

    Here below; Is the newly planted box hedge (08/03/12). Plant on the far left (as you look at it) was the one that was given me problems..... No longer with us.



  • Well done, Paul! Remember 'from little acorns, giant oaks grow'.  image

  • Pauly DPauly D Posts: 20

    Thanks very much David! Yes, so ture, good little saying indeed....It's getting there now, new growth as occured of course so starting filling out and merge together : ). I judt love box. Don't know what it is, really - maybe its just what you can do with them - different shapes, such as yourself shaping a rabbitimage etc... If you were to buy that at a a garden centre it would be very pricey.. I would have to speak to the bank manager for a loan to buy oneimage

    ps> Sorry I did notice you had posted on my Rhodo thread and thanks for that. noted! I shall get a ph testing kit next time i am at the garden centre.... Suppose no need to panic at this stage - but will prepare for next season! Finger's crossed.


  • Paul - no need to ever buy box plants again, once you have a few. When you trim them, you can use the trimmings for cuttings....they take root really well.

  • This is a box ball I grew from a tiny cutting:



  • Pauly DPauly D Posts: 20

    Ah David ....That is very true : ) and that is what I shall do - take cuttings and keep.

    Thats good to know that they take root nice and easy and as I can see above good results occur, good work!

    Is this the standards I've to meet or..... even beatimage

    Cheers for now. (ps got some "Growmore"yesterday).

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