Bupthalmum speciosum

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I know, sounds like a spell from that boy Harry Potter!

I think I have one of these. This year it has grown rosettes of very large leaves but no flowers. On Google it says it is highly scented with daisy-like flowers which match the picture I have - on a seed packet. What I would like to know is is it a thug, If so how much of one. Should I keep. or dig up?? Any other information please.

Another name I think is Heart leaf Telekia


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    I have this and I love it. I wouldn't have described the flowers as scented, never noticed that, but there's a lovely pungent scent to the leaves. Telekia speciosa is what I know it as, formerly Bupthalmum speciosum. It's quite a big plant, doesn't like to be too dry. Not a thug here, seeds about in a minor way, but takes up fair bit of room because it's big. The seed heads stand well through winter. 

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    I have a lot of this plant. It is one of the best plants there is for bees. There are 7 bees in this picture...


    Dolores Umbridge wrote (see)

    sounds like a spell from that boy Harry Potter!

    It does. Dolores Umbridge would know about that.


    Dolores Umbridge wrote (see)

    What I would like to know is is it a thug, If so how much of one. 

    Many gardeners would regard this plant as a thug. Seed catalouges use euthemisms such as 'robust' and 'good for the back of the border'.

    It seeds itself around very readily too. At least, it does in my garden,

    Personally, I don't have any problem with it, and wouldn't be without it.

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    Never had any trouble with it self seeding here, which is odd in a way, everything else does!

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    Great. Thanks, That is what i wanted to know. I have a clover lawn so that bees will come and try to encourage them as much as possible.  I split it today and left some in front where it had been dumped (by me) and put some in back where it can do whatever it wants. Self seeding will be good, seedlings are easily composted if the need arises.

    Just hope it flowers. Hasn't this year, that's why the question

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    Hmm - perhaps should have looked this up before I ordered one!

    The website said 2' image

    Site wise (reading the other threads) the consensus seems to be damp but not waterlogged? I could grow it in full sun if the soil was right I suppose. Think I'll have to do a recce - got a couple of places it could go - but not in its intended space next to a little roseimage

    Did your plant flower after all Matty?

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    Maybe  2 foot was a typo, should have said 2 metres Vicimage

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    It was a typo and a half because it actually said 60cm, spread 45cm...image

    Never mind - I've found a place for it next to the pond - it'll have about 1 - 1.5 metres. Hope it's not too tall to see the flowers...

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    Mine is still going strong

    A word of warning though - SLUGS AND SNAILS - it is one of the few plants I 'seed' almost before it emerges from the soil in spring, but once the leaves are mature it is left alone.

    As for the flowers, they are held on tall stems above lower leaves so i'm sure you will see them but don't expect too much in the first year

    Good luck

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    Oh dear- I have alot of gastropodsimage

    I'll keep an eye on it and see what I can do - thanks Mattyimage

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 24,046

    I haven't noticed a particular problem with the molluscsimage

  • Victoria SpongeVictoria Sponge Posts: 2,397

    If I see any near it I'll flick them onto the echinacea- if they bother to come up this yearimage

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    ..who is Dolores Umbridge...?

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