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Rambler roses

I have five Albertine rambler roses grown from cuttings taken from a plant which was itself a cutting from my late mother's garden. This is their second summer. They need to be planted out, but the site I have in mind for them is not ready and won't be for maybe a year or two. Can I keep them going in big pots? Has anyone got experience of containing a rambler, known for its vigour, permanently in a pot? I love taking cuttings and growing things on but often fail to know what to do with them then. I have already supplied the neighbours, but because of their source, obviously I want to make these Albertines into a feature. Any advice and ideas welcome, please.


  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,414

    Lilydotwin, yes go up one size pot with fresh compost each time and you can pot on for a year or so. The roots will be contained and the plant not grow quickly in a pot as they do like to put down a tap root, cut back when you repot about a third and keep watered for a while. Once you put them in the ground they will fly away.

    Some Roses you buy will have been in pots several years unless you buy dry root.


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